baloney Definition

  • 1nonsense
  • 2foolishness
  • 3silliness

Using baloney: Examples

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    Don't believe a word he says, it's all baloney.

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    The whole story sounds like a load of baloney to me.

  • Example

    I'm not going to listen to any more of your baloney!

  • Example

    Stop talking baloney and get to the point.

baloney Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with baloney

  • someone who is lying or exaggerating


    I think he's full of baloney when he says he's never been late to work.

  • to stop talking nonsense and get to the point


    Can you cut the baloney and tell me what you really want?

  • a slang term for a penis


    I can't believe he actually said 'baloney pony' in front of his boss!

Origins of baloney

from the earlier word 'bologna', a type of sausage that was often used as a metaphor for something of little value or substance


Summary: baloney in Brief

'Baloney' [bəˈloʊni] is a noun that refers to nonsense, foolishness, or silliness. It is often used to describe statements or stories that are untrue or exaggerated. Phrases like 'full of baloney' and 'cut the baloney' are commonly used to express disbelief or impatience with someone who is not being truthful or straightforward.