bang Definition

  • 1a sudden loud noise
  • 2a hard hit or blow
  • 3to strike or hit something forcefully and loudly

Using bang: Examples

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  • Example

    The door banged shut behind him.

  • Example

    He banged his head on the low ceiling.

  • Example

    She banged the pots together to get everyone's attention.

  • Example

    The fireworks made a loud bang.

bang Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using bang

  • exactly right or accurate


    Your analysis is bang on. You've identified the problem perfectly.

  • to enjoy something very much


    I always get a bang out of watching old movies.

  • to end in a spectacular or exciting way


    The concert went with a bang, with the band playing their biggest hits.

Phrases with bang

  • value for money


    This restaurant offers the best bang for the buck in town.

  • talk about something at length, often annoyingly or repetitively


    He keeps banging on about his new car, but I'm not interested.

  • have a bang-up time

    to have a great time


    We had a bang-up time at the party last night.


Summary: bang in Brief

The term 'bang' [bæŋ] refers to a sudden loud noise or hard hit, often used to describe a forceful impact, as in 'He banged his head on the low ceiling.' It can also be used as a verb, meaning to strike or hit something forcefully and loudly, as in 'She banged the pots together to get everyone's attention.' 'Bang' extends into phrases like 'bang for the buck,' denoting value for money, and idioms like 'bang on,' meaning exactly right or accurate.

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