bathroom Definition

a room containing a bath or shower and typically also a washbasin and a toilet.

Using bathroom: Examples

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    I need to use the bathroom.

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    The bathroom is down the hall on the left.

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    She's taking a shower in the bathroom.

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    The bathroom sink is clogged.

bathroom Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for bathroom

Phrases with bathroom

  • a short period of time taken away from work or other activities to use the bathroom


    I need to take a quick bathroom break before we start the meeting.

  • jokes or humor that are related to bodily functions or bathroom activities


    The comedian's routine was full of bathroom humor, which some people found funny and others found offensive.

  • a device used to measure a person's weight, typically found in a bathroom


    I need to buy a new bathroom scale because my old one broke.


Summary: bathroom in Brief

A 'bathroom' [ˈbɑːθruːm] is a room that contains a bathtub or shower, a washbasin, and a toilet. It is commonly used for personal hygiene activities such as bathing, washing, and using the toilet. Phrases like 'bathroom break' and 'bathroom humor' refer to taking a short break or making jokes related to bathroom activities.

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