lavatory Definition

a room equipped with a toilet and sink for use as a bathroom.

Using lavatory: Examples

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    I need to use the lavatory.

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    The lavatory is located down the hall.

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    Please keep the lavatory clean.

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    The airplane lavatory was out of order.

lavatory Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for lavatory

Phrases with lavatory

  • a restroom available for public use, often found in parks, malls, or other public spaces


    I had to use the public lavatory at the park because there were no other restrooms nearby.

  • a person employed to keep a public restroom clean and stocked with supplies


    The lavatory attendant handed me a towel after I washed my hands.

  • toilet paper, a soft paper used to clean oneself after using the toilet


    Please make sure there is enough lavatory paper in the bathroom.

Origins of lavatory

from Latin 'lavatorium', meaning 'a place for washing'


Summary: lavatory in Brief

A 'lavatory' [ˈlævətɔːri] is a room equipped with a toilet and sink for use as a bathroom. It is often found in public spaces and airplanes. Synonyms include 'bathroom,' 'restroom,' and 'washroom.' Phrases related to 'lavatory' include 'public lavatory,' 'lavatory attendant,' and 'lavatory paper.'

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