bedlam Definition

  • 1a scene of uproar and confusion
  • 2an insane asylum or psychiatric hospital

Using bedlam: Examples

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    The stadium was bedlam after the home team won the championship.

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    The office was bedlam on the last day of the quarter.

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    The patient was sent to bedlam for treatment.

bedlam Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for bedlam

Phrases with bedlam

  • to cause chaos or confusion


    The announcement created bedlam in the classroom.

  • bedlam reigns

    a situation where there is complete chaos and confusion


    During the power outage, bedlam reigned in the city streets.

  • a state of extreme confusion or mental distress


    After the accident, he suffered from bedlam in the brain and couldn't remember anything.

Origins of bedlam

from the name of a hospital in London, St. Mary of Bethlehem Hospital, which became known for its inhumane treatment of patients


Summary: bedlam in Brief

The term 'bedlam' [ˈbedləm] refers to a scene of uproar and confusion, as in 'The stadium was bedlam after the home team won the championship.' It can also refer to an insane asylum or psychiatric hospital, as in 'The patient was sent to bedlam for treatment.' Phrases like 'create bedlam' and 'bedlam reigns' denote situations of chaos and confusion, while 'bedlam in the brain' describes a state of extreme mental distress.