beget Definition

  • 1(of a man) to father a child
  • 2to cause or bring about (something)
  • 3(formal) to produce or create something

Using beget: Examples

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  • Example

    He was begotten by his father before he passed away.

  • Example

    The new policy will beget more problems than solutions.

  • Example

    His hard work and dedication begot him a promotion.

  • Example

    The invention of the wheel begot many other innovations.

beget Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for beget

Phrases with beget

  • to father or give birth to children


    The male seahorse is the one that begets offspring.

  • beget success

    to cause or bring about success


    Her perseverance and hard work beget success in her career.

  • to cause or bring about trouble


    His careless actions beget trouble for himself and others.

Origins of beget

from Old English 'begietan', meaning 'to get by effort'


Summary: beget in Brief

The verb 'beget' [bɪˈɡet] means to father a child, cause or bring about something, or produce or create something. It can be used in phrases like 'beget offspring,' referring to giving birth to children, or 'beget success,' implying causing or bringing about success. 'Beget' is a formal term that can be replaced with 'generate' or 'produce.'