procreate Definition

  • 1to produce offspring; to have children
  • 2to create or bring into existence

Using procreate: Examples

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    The couple decided to procreate after getting married.

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    The species is known to procreate rapidly in favorable conditions.

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    The artist sought to procreate a sense of wonder and awe in the viewer.

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    The company aims to procreate a culture of innovation and creativity.

procreate Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with procreate

  • the right to have children, recognized as a fundamental human right


    The government was criticized for violating procreation rights by imposing strict birth control measures.

  • the age at which a person is considered capable of having children


    In many cultures, women are expected to marry and start a family before reaching their procreation age.

  • the period of time during which an animal species is most likely to mate and produce offspring


    The procreation season for deer typically occurs in the fall.

Origins of procreate

from Latin 'procreatus', past participle of 'procreare', meaning 'to beget'


Summary: procreate in Brief

To 'procreate' [ˈprəʊkriːt] means to produce offspring or create something new. It can refer to having children, as in 'The couple decided to procreate after getting married,' or creating something intangible, as in 'The artist sought to procreate a sense of wonder and awe in the viewer.' 'Procreate' has formal synonyms like 'reproduce' and 'beget,' and informal ones like 'have kids' and 'make babies.'

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