bilateral Definition

having or relating to two sides; affecting both sides.

Using bilateral: Examples

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    The two countries signed a bilateral trade agreement.

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    The bilateral talks between the two leaders were productive.

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    The patient had bilateral knee surgery.

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    The bilateral relationship between the two companies is strong.

bilateral Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with bilateral

  • a legal agreement in which both parties make promises to each other


    The sale of the house was a bilateral contract.

  • the property of being divisible into symmetrical halves on either side of a unique plane


    Butterflies have bilateral symmetry.

  • foreign aid given by one country to another


    The United States provides bilateral aid to many countries around the world.

Origins of bilateral

from Latin 'bi-' meaning 'two' and 'latus' meaning 'side'


Summary: bilateral in Brief

The term 'bilateral' [baɪˈlætərəl] refers to something that has two sides or affects both sides. It can describe agreements, relationships, or medical procedures, as in 'The two countries signed a bilateral trade agreement.' 'Bilateral' also extends into phrases like 'bilateral contract,' denoting mutual promises, and 'bilateral symmetry,' describing the property of being divisible into symmetrical halves.