bourgeois Definition

  • 1relating to or belonging to the middle class of society
  • 2conventional or typical of the middle class
  • 3having values or attitudes believed to be typical of the middle class, such as respectability and materialism

Using bourgeois: Examples

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    His taste in art was too bourgeois for my liking.

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    She has a very bourgeois attitude towards money.

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    The restaurant had a very bourgeois atmosphere.

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    Their lifestyle is very bourgeois.

bourgeois Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with bourgeois

  • a member of the lower middle class, typically one perceived as being uninterested in political radicalism


    The party's policies failed to appeal to the petit bourgeois.

  • the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes


    The bourgeoisie were the main beneficiaries of the economic boom.

  • a mindset characterized by materialism, conformity, and a lack of imagination or creativity


    The school's emphasis on grades and test scores fosters a bourgeois mentality among students.

Origins of bourgeois

from French 'bourgeois', meaning 'of the town'


Summary: bourgeois in Brief

The term 'bourgeois' [ˌbʊərˈʒwɑː] refers to the middle class of society, characterized by conventional attitudes and materialistic values. It can be used to describe people, attitudes, or things, such as 'His taste in art was too bourgeois for my liking.' 'Bourgeois' extends into phrases like 'petit bourgeois,' denoting the lower middle class, and 'bourgeois mentality,' referring to a mindset characterized by materialism and conformity.