buddy Definition

  • 1a close friend or companion
  • 2a partner who accompanies someone in a particular activity

Using buddy: Examples

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    He's been my buddy since we were in kindergarten.

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    I need a workout buddy to keep me motivated.

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    My fishing buddy and I go out on the lake every weekend.

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    She's my travel buddy and we've been to many countries together.

buddy Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for buddy

Phrases with buddy

  • a person with whom one studies or does schoolwork


    I'm looking for a study buddy to help me prepare for the exam.

  • a person with whom one drinks alcohol regularly


    He used to be my drinking buddy, but I quit drinking and we lost touch.

  • an arrangement in which two people work together and help each other, especially to stay safe


    The buddy system is used in scuba diving to ensure that no one dives alone.

Origins of buddy

originally American English, probably from 'brother'


Summary: buddy in Brief

The term 'buddy' [ˈbʌdi] refers to a close friend or companion, or a partner in a particular activity. It can be used in various contexts, such as 'My fishing buddy and I go out on the lake every weekend.' 'Buddy' also extends into phrases like 'study buddy,' and 'drinking buddy,' denoting a person with whom one studies or drinks alcohol regularly, respectively.

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