pal Definition

  • 1a close friend
  • 2a partner or companion in a particular activity

Using pal: Examples

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    He's been my pal since we were kids.

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    My workout pal and I go to the gym together every morning.

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    He's my golfing pal.

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    I need a pal to help me move this weekend.

pal Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for pal

Idioms Using pal

  • buddy-buddy

    acting in an excessively friendly manner, often to gain an advantage


    He's always buddy-buddy with the boss to get ahead.

  • give someone the brush-off

    to reject or dismiss someone rudely or abruptly


    He gave his old pal the brush-off when he asked for a favor.

  • stick together

    to remain united and supportive, especially during difficult times


    We need to stick together as pals and get through this tough situation.

Phrases with pal

  • a long-standing or old friend


    I ran into an old pal from high school at the grocery store.

  • to spend time with someone in a friendly way


    He always pals around with his coworkers after work.

  • pal up with

    to become friends with someone


    He palmed up with his new neighbors soon after moving in.

Origins of pal

shortened form of 'palmer', meaning 'pilgrim'


Summary: pal in Brief

The term 'pal' [pal] refers to a close friend or partner in a particular activity. It is often used in phrases like 'old pal,' 'pals around with,' and 'pal up with.' 'Pal' can also be used idiomatically, such as in 'buddy-buddy,' meaning acting overly friendly to gain an advantage, 'give someone the brush-off,' meaning to reject someone rudely, and 'stick together,' meaning to remain united and supportive.

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