foe Definition

an enemy or opponent.

Using foe: Examples

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    He regarded her as his foe.

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    The two companies have long been foes in the marketplace.

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    The team's next game is against their arch-foe.

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    She has made many foes during her political career.

foe Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for foe

Phrases with foe

  • a person or thing regarded as a threat to society or public order


    The government declared drugs as a public foe and launched a nationwide campaign against drug abuse.

  • an enemy who has made a solemn promise or vow to oppose or harm someone or something


    The two countries were sworn foes for decades, but they finally signed a peace treaty last year.

  • a familiar enemy or opponent, often one that has been around for a long time


    The team's old foe defeated them once again in the championship game.


Summary: foe in Brief

The term 'foe' [foʊ] refers to an enemy or opponent. It can be used to describe personal or professional relationships, such as 'He regarded her as his foe' or 'The two companies have long been foes in the marketplace.' 'Foe' extends into phrases like 'public foe,' denoting a threat to society, and 'sworn foe,' indicating a solemn promise to oppose or harm.

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