button Definition

  • 1a small disc or knob sewn onto a garment, either to fasten it by being pushed through a slit made for the purpose or for decoration
  • 2a switch on a piece of electrical or electronic equipment that is pressed to operate it
  • 3a badge bearing a design or slogan and pinned to clothing

Using button: Examples

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  • Example

    She wore a button-up shirt.

  • Example

    He pressed the button to turn on the TV.

  • Example

    The candidate handed out buttons with his name on them.

  • Example

    I need to sew a button back onto my coat.

button Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with button

  • press someone's buttons

    to do or say something that provokes or annoys someone


    Don't talk about politics around him, it really presses his buttons.

  • exactly right or accurate


    Her estimate was on the button; the project cost exactly what she predicted.

  • to stop talking or be quiet


    I had to tell him to button his lip during the movie because he wouldn't stop talking.

Origins of button

from Old French 'bouton', meaning 'knob'


Summary: button in Brief

A 'button' [ˈbʌtn] is a small disc or knob used to fasten a garment or as a switch on electronic equipment. It can also refer to a badge pinned to clothing. Examples include 'She wore a button-up shirt.' and 'He pressed the button to turn on the TV.' Phrases like 'press someone's buttons' mean to provoke or annoy, while 'on the button' means exactly right or accurate.

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