clasp Definition

  • 1a device, usually of metal, for fastening things together
  • 2to hold tightly with the arms or hands

Using clasp: Examples

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  • Example

    She wore a gold clasp on her necklace.

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    He clasped his hands together in prayer.

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    She clasped the baby in her arms.

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    The two friends clasped each other's hands tightly.

clasp Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using clasp

  • under the control or influence of something


    The country was in the clasp of a severe economic crisis.

  • to make a desperate attempt at something when there is little or no chance of success


    He was so desperate for money that he was willing to clasp at straws and try anything.

  • to embrace someone warmly and affectionately


    She clasped her long-lost friend to her bosom and cried tears of joy.

Phrases with clasp

  • a knife with a spring-loaded blade that is released by pressing a button


    He pulled out his clasp knife and began to whittle a stick.

  • to hold hands with someone as a sign of affection or support


    The couple clasped hands and walked along the beach.

  • clasp one's hands

    to bring one's hands together and hold them tightly, often as a sign of anxiety or nervousness


    She clasped her hands together and waited nervously for the interview to begin.

Origins of clasp

from Old English 'clysppan', meaning 'to grasp'


Summary: clasp in Brief

A 'clasp' [klæsp] is a metal device used to fasten things together. It can also mean to hold tightly with the arms or hands, as in 'She clasped the baby in her arms.' The term extends into phrases like 'clasp knife,' and idioms like 'in the clasp of something,' denoting control or influence, and 'clasp at straws,' implying desperation.

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