knife Definition

a cutting tool consisting of a sharp blade attached to a handle.

Using knife: Examples

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    He used a knife to cut the bread.

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    The chef sharpened his knife before preparing the meal.

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    She always carries a pocket knife with her when she goes camping.

knife Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for knife

Phrases with knife

  • undergoing a surgical operation


    After the accident, he had to go under the knife to repair the damage.

  • a knife-edge

    a very delicate or precarious situation


    The election results were on a knife-edge, with both candidates having almost equal votes.

  • an act of betrayal


    He felt like his colleague had stabbed him in the back when he found out he was working on a project behind his back.


Summary: knife in Brief

A 'knife' [naɪf] is a cutting tool with a sharp blade attached to a handle. It is commonly used for cutting food, but can also be used for other purposes. Phrases like 'under the knife' refer to undergoing surgery, while 'a knife-edge' and 'a knife in the back' describe delicate situations and betrayal, respectively.

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