cutter Definition

  • 1a tool or machine for cutting something
  • 2a person or thing that cuts something, especially a machine or tool for cutting cloth

Using cutter: Examples

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    The laser cutter is used to cut precise shapes out of metal.

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    The fabric cutter made the job much easier.

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    The cookie cutter was used to make uniform shapes for the cookies.

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    The paper cutter is a useful tool for cutting large amounts of paper.

cutter Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for cutter

Phrases with cutter

  • cookie-cutter

    lacking originality or individuality; standardized or formulaic


    The houses in the new development all looked the same, with cookie-cutter designs and no unique features.

  • cutter head

    a rotating cutting tool used in woodworking machines


    The cutter head on the planer needs to be sharpened.

  • a tool used for cutting glass, typically consisting of a small metal wheel with a sharp point


    He used a glass cutter to make a hole in the window.


Summary: cutter in Brief

A 'cutter' [ˈkʌtər] is a tool or machine used for cutting something, such as a laser cutter or fabric cutter. It can also refer to a person or thing that cuts something, like a cookie cutter or paper cutter. The term extends into phrases like 'cookie-cutter,' denoting a lack of originality, and 'glass cutter,' referring to a tool for cutting glass.