buzzing Definition

  • 1a low, continuous humming or murmuring sound, made by or similar to that made by an insect
  • 2feeling excited or energized

Using buzzing: Examples

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with how "buzzing" can be used in various situations through the following examples!

  • Example

    The bees were buzzing around the flowers.

  • Example

    The sound of the fans was buzzing in the background.

  • Example

    I'm buzzing with excitement for the concert tonight.

  • Example

    After drinking too much coffee, I felt like I was buzzing all day.

buzzing Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with buzzing

  • a place or situation that is full of energy and activity


    The city center was buzzing with activity during the festival.

  • buzzing in someone's ear

    to talk persistently and annoyingly to someone about something


    He kept buzzing in my ear about his new business idea.

  • a feeling of slight vibration or tingling


    After hitting his elbow, he felt a buzzing sensation in his hand.


Summary: buzzing in Brief

The term 'buzzing' [ˈbʌzɪŋ] can refer to a low humming sound, often made by insects or machines, as well as a feeling of excitement or energy. Examples include 'The bees were buzzing around the flowers,' and 'I'm buzzing with excitement for the concert tonight.' Phrases like 'buzzing with activity' denote a lively atmosphere, while 'buzzing in someone's ear' means to talk persistently and annoyingly. 'Buzzing sensation' refers to a slight vibration or tingling.