cacophony Definition

a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.

Using cacophony: Examples

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    The cacophony of car horns outside the window woke me up.

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    The band's music was a cacophony of sounds that didn't blend well together.

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    The classroom was filled with the cacophony of students talking and laughing.

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    The city's streets were a cacophony of different languages and dialects.

cacophony Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for cacophony

Phrases with cacophony

  • cacophony of voices

    a loud and chaotic mix of many people speaking at once


    The town hall meeting turned into a cacophony of voices as everyone tried to speak at once.

  • a combination of colors that clash or do not go well together


    The artist's painting was a cacophony of colors that hurt the eyes to look at.

  • cacophony of smells

    a mixture of unpleasant or overpowering smells


    The garbage dump was a cacophony of smells that made it difficult to breathe.

Origins of cacophony

from Greek 'kakophōnia', from 'kakophōnos' meaning 'discordant'


Summary: cacophony in Brief

'Cacophony' [kəˈkɒfəni] refers to a harsh and discordant mixture of sounds. It can describe anything from a noisy classroom to a city street filled with different languages. Phrases like 'cacophony of voices' and 'cacophony of colors' extend the term to describe chaotic mixes of other sensory experiences.