campaign Definition

a series of planned activities that are intended to achieve a particular social, commercial or political aim.

Using campaign: Examples

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    The company launched a new advertising campaign.

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    The presidential campaign is in full swing.

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    The charity campaign raised over $1 million.

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    The environmental campaign aims to reduce plastic waste.

campaign Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using campaign

  • fight a losing battle/campaign

    to try hard to do something when there is no chance that you will succeed


    He knew he was fighting a losing battle when he tried to convince his boss to give him a raise.

  • actively campaigning for a political office


    The candidate spent months on the campaign trail, traveling across the country to meet voters.

  • to organize and manage a series of activities aimed at achieving a particular goal


    The marketing team is running a campaign to promote the new product.

Phrases with campaign

  • a malicious and unfounded attempt to damage someone's reputation by spreading false accusations or rumors


    The politician was the target of a smear campaign during the election.

  • door-to-door campaign

    a method of campaigning where volunteers go from house to house to promote a candidate or cause


    The local candidate organized a door-to-door campaign to meet voters and discuss their concerns.

  • a campaign designed to increase public knowledge and understanding of a particular issue or problem


    The health department launched an awareness campaign to educate people about the dangers of smoking.

Origins of campaign

from French 'campagne', meaning 'open country'


Summary: campaign in Brief

The term 'campaign' [kæmˈpeɪn] refers to a series of planned activities aimed at achieving a specific social, commercial, or political goal. Examples include advertising campaigns, charity campaigns, and political campaigns. Idioms like 'fight a losing battle/campaign' suggest a futile effort, while 'on the campaign trail' refers to actively campaigning for a political office.

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