candy Definition

a sweet food made with sugar or chocolate, often eaten between meals as a snack.

Using candy: Examples

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    I love to eat candy when I watch movies.

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    She gave me a box of chocolates and candy for my birthday.

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    He always carries a bag of candy in his pocket.

candy Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for candy

Phrases with candy

  • something that is attractive but lacks substance or depth


    The movie was visually stunning, but it was just eye candy without any real plot.

  • a type of candy that is rectangular in shape and usually contains chocolate and nuts


    I bought a candy bar from the vending machine at work.

  • a type of candy made by spinning sugar and food coloring together into thin threads


    The kids were excited to get cotton candy at the fair.


Summary: candy in Brief

The term 'candy' [ˈkændi] refers to a sweet food made with sugar or chocolate, often eaten as a snack. It includes sweets, confectionery, and lollies, and can be found in phrases like 'eye candy,' meaning something attractive but lacking substance, and 'cotton candy,' a type of spun sugar treat.

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