canoe Definition

a narrow, long boat with pointed ends that is moved using a paddle.

Using canoe: Examples

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  • Example

    We went canoeing on the river last weekend.

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    The canoe glided silently through the water.

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    The Native Americans used canoes to travel on rivers and lakes.

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    The canoe was made from a hollowed-out tree trunk.

canoe Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with canoe

  • a journey or excursion taken in a canoe


    We're planning a canoe trip down the river next month.

  • a long, narrow oar used to propel a canoe through the water


    He dipped his canoe paddle into the water and began to row.

  • camping while traveling by canoe


    We spent the weekend canoe camping in the wilderness.


Summary: canoe in Brief

A 'canoe' [kəˈnuː] is a long, narrow boat with pointed ends that is propelled by a paddle. It is often used for recreational activities like canoeing and canoe camping, as well as for transportation by Native Americans. An example sentence is 'The canoe glided silently through the water.'

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