kayak Definition

a small, narrow boat that is pointed at both ends and moved by a paddle with two blades.

Using kayak: Examples

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    He paddled his kayak down the river.

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    The kayakers navigated through the rapids with ease.

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    She enjoys kayaking on the lake during the summer months.

kayak Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for kayak

Phrases with kayak

  • white-water kayaking

    the sport of kayaking on whitewater, especially in a rapid river


    He is an experienced white-water kayaker and has navigated through some of the most challenging rapids.

  • sea kayaking

    the sport of kayaking on the sea, especially in open waters


    She loves to go sea kayaking and explore the coastline during her vacations.

  • the sport of fishing from a kayak


    Kayak fishing is becoming increasingly popular due to its low cost and accessibility.

Origins of kayak

from Inuit 'qajaq'


Summary: kayak in Brief

A 'kayak' [ˈkaɪæk] is a small, narrow boat with a pointed shape at both ends that is propelled by a paddle with two blades. It is used for various activities such as white-water kayaking, sea kayaking, and kayak fishing.

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