capability Definition

  • 1the power or ability to do something
  • 2a feature or quality that makes something able to do something

Using capability: Examples

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    The new software has the capability to process large amounts of data.

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    The athlete's physical capabilities are impressive.

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    The company is looking for someone with strong leadership capabilities.

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    The robot's advanced capabilities allow it to perform complex tasks.

capability Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with capability

  • beyond one's capabilities

    too difficult for someone to do


    The project was beyond his capabilities, so he asked for help.

  • to have the power or ability to do something


    The new machine has the capability to produce twice as many products in half the time.

  • stretch one's capabilities

    to try to do something that is beyond one's current abilities in order to improve


    The coach encouraged the team to stretch their capabilities and aim for a higher level of performance.

Origins of capability

from Latin 'capabilis', meaning 'able to take in'


Summary: capability in Brief

The term 'capability' [ˌkeɪpəˈbɪlɪti] refers to the power or ability to do something, or a feature or quality that makes something able to do something. It can refer to physical or mental abilities, such as an athlete's physical capabilities or a person's leadership capabilities. Phrases like 'beyond one's capabilities' and 'stretch one's capabilities' denote difficulty or improvement, respectively.

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