card Definition

  • 1a small, rectangular piece of stiff paper used to write or print on, or for a particular purpose such as a game or card index
  • 2a piece of thick paper or plastic with information on it, used as proof of identity or membership
  • 3a program or device that performs a specific function, especially one designed to improve the performance of a larger program

Using card: Examples

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  • Example

    I wrote my phone number on a card and gave it to her.

  • Example

    He showed his ID card to the security guard.

  • Example

    The graphics card in my computer is not powerful enough for this game.

card Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using card

  • to have all the advantages or power in a situation


    He held all the cards in the negotiation and got exactly what he wanted.

  • to play one's cards right

    to make the best use of one's resources and opportunities to achieve success


    If you play your cards right, you might get a promotion.

  • to have a card up one's sleeve

    to have a secret plan or advantage that can be used if necessary


    I always have a card up my sleeve when negotiating with difficult clients.

Phrases with card

  • business card

    a small card printed with one's name, professional occupation, company position, business address, and other contact information


    She handed me her business card after our meeting.

  • a plastic card issued by a bank or business that allows the holder to purchase goods or services on credit


    I used my credit card to buy the plane tickets.

  • one of a set of rectangular pieces of cardboard or plastic used for playing games


    We spent the evening playing cards with our friends.


Summary: card in Brief

A 'card' [kɑːd] refers to a small, rectangular piece of paper or plastic used for writing, printing, or playing games. It can also refer to a piece of thick paper or plastic with information on it, used as proof of identity or membership. Additionally, 'card' can refer to a program or device that performs a specific function. Phrases like 'business card,' 'credit card,' and 'playing card' denote specific types of cards, while idioms like 'to hold all the cards' and 'to play one's cards right' describe advantageous situations and resourceful behavior.

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