cavity Definition

  • 1a hole or space inside something solid
  • 2a hole in a tooth caused by decay

Using cavity: Examples

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    The dentist found a cavity in my tooth.

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    The cave was filled with deep cavities.

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    The construction workers filled the cavity with concrete.

cavity Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for cavity

Phrases with cavity

  • the inside of the nose


    The nasal cavity is lined with mucous membranes.

  • the mouth and its various parts, including the teeth and tongue


    The oral cavity is an important part of the digestive system.

  • chest cavity

    the space inside the chest that contains the heart and lungs


    The surgeon made an incision to access the chest cavity.


Summary: cavity in Brief

The term 'cavity' [ˈkævəti] refers to a hole or space inside a solid object, such as a cave or a hole in a tooth caused by decay. It can also refer to specific body parts like the nasal cavity or chest cavity.

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