hollow Definition

  • 1having a hole or empty space inside
  • 2not solid
  • 3without real value or meaning

Using hollow: Examples

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  • Example

    The tree trunk was hollow inside.

  • Example

    The ball sounded hollow when he kicked it.

  • Example

    Her laugh sounded hollow and insincere.

  • Example

    His words were hollow and lacked conviction.

  • Example

    The victory felt hollow without his teammates.

hollow Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with hollow

  • a victory that is not satisfying because it was achieved without effort or because it came at too great a cost


    Winning the game by default was a hollow victory for the team.

  • a promise that is not sincere or is unlikely to be fulfilled


    Politicians often make hollow promises during their campaigns.

  • a feeling of emptiness or lack of satisfaction


    After achieving his lifelong dream, he felt a hollow feeling of emptiness.


Summary: hollow in Brief

The term 'hollow' [ˈhɑːloʊ] describes something that has a hole or empty space inside, or lacks solidity. It can also refer to something that is without real value or meaning. Examples include 'The tree trunk was hollow inside,' and 'Her laugh sounded hollow and insincere.' The phrase 'a hollow victory' refers to a victory that is not satisfying, while 'a hollow promise' is a promise that is not sincere.

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