feeling Definition

  • 1an emotional state or reaction
  • 2a physical sensation

Using feeling: Examples

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  • Example

    I have a feeling that something is wrong.

  • Example

    She had mixed feelings about the decision.

  • Example

    The cold water gave me a refreshing feeling.

  • Example

    He has lost all feeling in his left hand.

feeling Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using feeling

  • have a sense or intuition about something


    I get the feeling that he's not telling us the whole truth.

  • hard feelings

    resentment or anger resulting from a past disagreement or conflict


    I hope there are no hard feelings between us after what happened.

  • have feelings for someone

    to be romantically attracted to someone


    I think I have feelings for her.

Phrases with feeling

  • gut feeling

    an instinctive feeling, as opposed to an intellectual or logical one


    I have a gut feeling that we should not trust him.

  • developing romantic feelings for someone


    I think I'm catching feelings for him.

  • hurt someone's feelings

    to say or do something that upsets or offends someone


    I didn't mean to hurt her feelings.

Origins of feeling

from Old English 'felan', meaning 'to touch, perceive'


Summary: feeling in Brief

The term 'feeling' [ˈfiːlɪŋ] refers to both emotional states and physical sensations. It can describe a range of emotions, such as 'mixed feelings,' and physical sensations like 'refreshing feeling.' 'Feeling' extends into phrases like 'gut feeling' and idioms like 'hard feelings,' denoting resentment or anger. It also includes 'catching feelings,' which means developing romantic feelings for someone.

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