celerity Definition

  • 1swiftness of movement
  • 2speed

Using celerity: Examples

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  • Example

    The ambulance arrived with great celerity.

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    He completed the task with remarkable celerity.

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    The company responded to the crisis with celerity and efficiency.

celerity Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with celerity

  • at a fast speed


    The car was moving at celerity down the highway.

  • with swiftness or speed


    The team responded to the emergency with celerity and professionalism.

  • to move quickly or with haste


    In order to finish the project on time, we need to move with celerity.

Origins of celerity

from Latin 'celeritas', meaning 'quickness'


Summary: celerity in Brief

'Celerity' [sɪˈlerəti] refers to swiftness of movement or speed. It is often used to describe quick responses or efficient actions, as in 'The company responded to the crisis with celerity and efficiency.' 'Celerity' can be used in phrases like 'at celerity' and 'with celerity,' and it is a formal term that can be replaced by 'swiftness' or 'speed.'