chairman Definition

a person, especially a man, who is in charge of a meeting, a committee, or an organization.

Using chairman: Examples

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    The chairman of the board called the meeting to order.

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    The chairman of the committee will be elected next week.

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    The chairman of the company announced his retirement.

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    The chairman of the jury read the verdict.

chairman Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for chairman

Phrases with chairman

  • a person who is next in rank to the chairman and who takes over when the chairman is absent or unable to perform their duties


    The vice chairman of the board will preside over the meeting in the chairman's absence.

  • the highest-ranking officer of a corporation or organization, responsible for overseeing the entire operation and making major decisions


    The chairman of the board announced a new strategic plan for the company.

  • an honorary title given to a former chairman of a company or organization, usually in recognition of their long service or contributions


    The chairman emeritus of the company was invited to attend the annual shareholders' meeting.

Origins of chairman

from chair + man, meaning the 'person who presides over a meeting'


Summary: chairman in Brief

The term 'chairman' [ˈtʃeəmən] refers to a person, typically a man, who presides over a meeting, committee, or organization. It is often used in business and politics, as exemplified by 'The chairman of the board called the meeting to order.' 'Chairman' extends into phrases like 'vice chairman,' and 'chairman of the board,' denoting different levels of authority within an organization.

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