vice Definition

  • 1immoral or wicked behavior
  • 2a weakness in someone's character or habits, especially one that is thought to be bad but not seriously so

Using vice: Examples

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    Gambling is a vice that can lead to financial ruin.

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    His only vice is eating too much chocolate.

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    She has a vice for collecting antique jewelry.

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    Alcoholism is a vice that destroys many lives.

vice Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with vice

  • vice versa

    used to say that the opposite of a statement is also true


    I sometimes teach her English, and vice versa.

  • completely controlled by a strong addiction or habit


    He was in the grip of a vice and couldn't stop drinking.

  • to allow oneself to indulge in one's bad habits or immoral behavior without restraint


    When he went on vacation, he gave free rein to his vices and spent all his time gambling and drinking.

Origins of vice

from Old French 'vice', meaning 'defect, fault, crime'


Summary: vice in Brief

The term 'vice' [vʌɪs] refers to immoral or wicked behavior, as well as a weakness in someone's character or habits. It can range from serious addictions like alcoholism to minor indulgences like eating too much chocolate. 'Vice' is often used in phrases like 'vice versa,' meaning the opposite is also true, and 'in the grip of a vice,' indicating complete control by addiction.

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