wrongdoing Definition

behavior that is morally or legally wrong.

Using wrongdoing: Examples

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    The company was accused of financial wrongdoing.

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    He admitted his wrongdoing and apologized.

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    She was punished for her wrongdoing.

wrongdoing Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for wrongdoing

Phrases with wrongdoing

  • to make someone take responsibility for their bad behavior


    The government must hold those responsible for the wrongdoing accountable.

  • to correct a mistake or bad action that has been done


    He tried to right his wrongdoing by apologizing and making amends.

  • behavior that is claimed to be wrong, but has not been proven in court


    The politician denied any alleged wrongdoing and called for an investigation.


Summary: wrongdoing in Brief

The term 'wrongdoing' [ˈrɒŋduːɪŋ] refers to behavior that is morally or legally wrong. It can include misconduct, misdemeanors, and transgressions, and is often used in contexts of accountability and correction, as in 'hold someone accountable for their wrongdoing' and 'right a wrongdoing.'