immorality Definition

  • 1the state or quality of being immoral; wickedness
  • 2an immoral act or practice

Using immorality: Examples

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    The book explores themes of immorality and corruption in society.

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    He was accused of financial immorality for embezzling company funds.

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    The film was criticized for its portrayal of violence and immorality.

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    Many people believe that gambling is a form of immorality.

immorality Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for immorality

Phrases with immorality

  • behavior that goes against accepted moral standards regarding sexual activity


    The church condemns all forms of sexual immorality, including adultery and premarital sex.

  • a contradiction in terms, used to describe behavior that is considered immoral despite being legal or socially acceptable


    Some argue that the use of sweatshop labor constitutes a form of moral immorality, even if it is not illegal.

  • the act of knowingly promoting false or misleading information, often for personal gain


    Some politicians have been accused of intellectual immorality for spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation.


Summary: immorality in Brief

The term 'immorality' [ˌɪməˈræləti] refers to the state or quality of being immoral, or an immoral act or practice. It encompasses a wide range of behaviors that go against accepted moral standards, such as corruption, depravity, and vice. Examples include financial immorality and sexual immorality. The phrase 'moral immorality' describes behavior that is considered immoral despite being legal or socially acceptable.