changes Definition

  • 1the act or instance of making something different
  • 2the result of making something different
  • 3money given in exchange for a larger denomination or different currency

Using changes: Examples

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  • Example

    The changes to the company's policies were met with mixed reactions from employees.

  • Example

    The changes in the weather patterns have caused concern among scientists.

  • Example

    I need to make some changes to my schedule to accommodate the new project.

  • Example

    Can you give me change for this $20 bill?

changes Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for changes

Phrases with changes

  • a reversal of one's opinion or feelings about something


    After hearing the arguments, she had a change of heart and decided to support the proposal.

  • a shift in the usual routine or activity


    I'm looking forward to the vacation as a change of pace from my busy work schedule.

  • a move to a different location or environment


    I think a change of scenery would do us all good. Let's take a weekend trip to the beach.


Summary: changes in Brief

The term 'changes' [ˈtʃeɪndʒɪz] refers to the act or result of making something different, such as alterations, modifications, or adjustments. It can also refer to money given in exchange for a larger denomination or different currency. Phrases like 'change of heart,' 'change of pace,' and 'change of scenery' denote a reversal of opinion, a shift in routine, or a move to a different location, respectively.