chap Definition

  • 1a man or boy
  • 2a friendly informal way of addressing someone
  • 3a crack in the skin, especially on the hands or lips

Using chap: Examples

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  • Example

    Hey chap, how's it going?

  • Example

    He's a good chap to have around.

  • Example

    The cold weather made his lips chapped.

  • Example

    Working outside all day gave him chapped hands.

chap Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for chap

Phrases with chap

  • a friendly and familiar way of addressing a man, especially an older one


    Thanks for your help, old chap.

  • to be impatient or eager to do something


    He was champing at the bit to get started on the project.

  • dry, cracked, or sore lips caused by exposure to wind or cold weather


    She always carries lip balm with her to prevent chapped lips.

Origins of chap

from Middle English 'chep', meaning 'customer'


Summary: chap in Brief

The term 'chap' [tสƒap] refers to a male person, often used as a friendly and informal way of addressing someone. It can also refer to a crack in the skin, especially on the hands or lips, as in 'The cold weather made his lips chapped.'