cherished Definition

  • 1protected and cared for lovingly
  • 2held dear; valued highly

Using cherished: Examples

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    She kept her cherished memories in a special box.

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    The cherished family heirloom was passed down through generations.

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    The couple shared a cherished moment under the stars.

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    He cherished the time spent with his grandparents.

cherished Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with cherished

  • a long-held aspiration or ambition that is deeply meaningful to someone


    Her cherished dream was to become a successful writer.

  • a special and treasured recollection of a past event or experience


    The photo album contained many cherished memories of their childhood.

  • an object that is deeply meaningful and valuable to someone, often with sentimental or emotional significance


    The antique watch was his most cherished possession.

Origins of cherished

from Middle English 'cherischen', meaning 'to hold dear'


Summary: cherished in Brief

The term 'cherished' [ˈtʃerɪʃt] describes something that is protected and cared for lovingly, or held dear and valued highly. It can refer to memories, possessions, or moments, such as 'She kept her cherished memories in a special box.' 'Cherished' is often used in phrases like 'cherished dream,' 'cherished memory,' and 'cherished possession,' which denote deep emotional attachment and value.

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