precious Definition

  • 1of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly
  • 2very loved or cherished

Using precious: Examples

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  • Example

    The ring is made of precious metals and stones.

  • Example

    Time with family is precious to me.

  • Example

    She gave me a precious gift for my birthday.

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    The precious moments we spent together will always be remembered.

precious Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for precious

Idioms Using precious

  • someone or something that is rare and highly valued


    She is a precious gem in our company, always going above and beyond her duties.

  • a special moment or experience that is cherished and remembered fondly


    The trip to Paris was a precious memory that they shared together.

  • handle with kid gloves

    to treat someone or something very delicately and carefully


    The antique vase was very fragile, so we had to handle it with kid gloves.

Phrases with precious

  • very little, almost none


    There was precious little time left to finish the project.

  • very few, almost none


    There were precious few people at the party.

  • something or someone that is very valuable and needs to be protected


    The truck was carrying precious cargo that needed to be delivered on time.

Origins of precious

from Old French 'precios', from Latin 'pretiosus', meaning 'valuable'


Summary: precious in Brief

The term 'precious' [ˈpreʃəs] refers to something of great value that should not be wasted or treated carelessly. It can also describe something or someone that is very loved or cherished. Examples include 'The ring is made of precious metals and stones.' and 'Time with family is precious to me.' Phrases like 'precious little' and idioms like 'a precious gem' further emphasize the rarity and value of something.

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