kid Definition

  • 1a child or young person
  • 2a young goat

Using kid: Examples

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  • Example

    The park is full of kids playing.

  • Example

    She has three kids, two boys and a girl.

  • Example

    I saw a group of kids riding their bikes down the street.

  • Example

    The farmer raises goats and sells kid meat.

kid Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with kid

  • a newcomer to a particular place or sphere of activity


    He's the new kid on the block, so be sure to introduce yourself.

  • act the goat/kid

    behave in a silly or playful way


    The children were acting the goat, jumping around and making silly noises.

  • to joke or tease in a playful way


    Don't take him seriously, he's just kidding around.


Summary: kid in Brief

The term 'kid' [kɪd] refers to a child or young person, as well as a young goat. It is commonly used in phrases like 'the new kid on the block,' meaning a newcomer, and 'to kid around,' meaning to joke or tease playfully.

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