chicken Definition

  • 1a domestic fowl kept for its eggs or meat, especially a young one
  • 2cowardly

Using chicken: Examples

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    I had chicken for dinner last night.

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    She raises chickens on her farm.

  • Example

    Don't be such a chicken!

  • Example

    He's too chicken to try bungee jumping.

chicken Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with chicken

  • to decide not to do something because you are too scared


    I was going to go skydiving, but I chickened out at the last minute.

  • count one's chickens before they're hatched

    to make plans based on events that may not happen


    Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. Wait until you know if you've been accepted to the program before you start planning your move.

  • run around like a headless chicken

    to act in a panicked or disorganized way


    After the fire alarm went off, everyone was running around like headless chickens trying to find the exit.


Summary: chicken in Brief

The term 'chicken' [ˈtʃɪkɪn] refers to a domestic fowl raised for its eggs or meat, as well as a colloquial term for someone who is cowardly. Examples include 'She raises chickens on her farm.' and 'Don't be such a chicken!' Phrases like 'chicken out' denote backing out of something due to fear, while 'count one's chickens before they're hatched' warns against making plans based on uncertain events.

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