fearful Definition

  • 1feeling afraid or anxious; frightened
  • 2causing fear or anxiety; alarming

Using fearful: Examples

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    She was fearful of the dark.

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    The fearful storm caused widespread damage.

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    He gave a fearful glance at the door.

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    The child was fearful of the barking dog.

fearful Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for fearful

Idioms Using fearful

  • something that is very scary or frightening to see


    The car accident was a fearful sight, with twisted metal and shattered glass everywhere.

  • feeling very anxious or worried about something that is going to happen


    The students waited in fearful anticipation for the results of their final exams.

  • to cause someone to feel afraid or anxious


    The horror movie made her fearful of the dark for weeks afterwards.

Phrases with fearful

  • a phrase from William Blake's poem 'The Tyger' that refers to the balance between opposing forces in nature, often used to describe patterns or designs that are both beautiful and terrifying


    The painting's use of color and form created a fearful symmetry that left viewers in awe.

  • fearful for someone/something

    worried or concerned about someone or something


    She was fearful for her son's safety during the storm.

  • having a strong feeling of fear or anxiety about something


    He was fearful of heights and refused to go on the rollercoaster.

Origins of fearful

from Old English 'færlic', meaning 'dangerous'


Summary: fearful in Brief

The term 'fearful' [ˈfɪərfl] describes a state of being afraid or anxious, as well as something that causes fear or anxiety. It can be used to describe people, situations, or things, such as 'She was fearful of the dark' or 'The fearful storm caused widespread damage.' The phrase 'fearful symmetry' refers to the balance between opposing forces in nature, while idioms like 'a fearful sight' and 'in fearful anticipation' convey the intensity of fear. Synonyms include 'scared' and 'anxious,' while antonyms include 'fearless' and 'brave.'