clash Definition

  • 1a violent confrontation or noisy disagreement between two or more people or groups
  • 2a loud, harsh noise made by metal objects hitting each other

Using clash: Examples

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    The clash between the two rival gangs resulted in several injuries.

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    There was a clash of opinions during the meeting.

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    The sound of the cymbals clashing echoed through the concert hall.

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    The clash of swords could be heard from miles away.

clash Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for clash

Idioms Using clash

  • to come into conflict or disagreement with someone or something


    His ideas clashed with those of his colleagues, leading to heated arguments.

  • a battle or fight involving weapons


    The clash of arms could be heard from miles away as the two armies engaged in combat.

  • clash of civilizations

    a theory that suggests that cultural and religious differences are the root cause of conflicts between nations and peoples


    The clash of civilizations between the West and the Islamic world has been a major source of tension in recent years.

Phrases with clash

  • clash of cultures

    a situation where two or more cultures come into contact and conflict with each other


    The clash of cultures between the immigrants and the locals led to misunderstandings and tensions.

  • clash of personalities

    a situation where two or more people have very different characters and cannot get along with each other


    The clash of personalities between the two leaders led to a breakdown in negotiations.

  • a situation where two or more powerful and influential people or organizations compete against each other


    The election was seen as a clash of titans between the two major political parties.

Origins of clash

from Old Norse 'klaka', meaning 'to chatter'


Summary: clash in Brief

The term 'clash' [klæʃ] refers to violent confrontations or disagreements between people or groups, as well as loud, harsh noises made by metal objects hitting each other. It can describe a 'clash of cultures' or a 'clash of personalities,' and is often used in idioms like 'clash with' and 'clash of arms.'

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