claudication Definition

  • 1a condition in which cramping pain in the leg is induced by exercise, typically caused by obstruction of the arteries.
  • 2limping or lameness, especially in horses.

Using claudication: Examples

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    The patient's claudication was caused by peripheral artery disease.

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    The horse's claudication made it difficult for it to run.

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    Claudication can be a symptom of other underlying conditions.

claudication Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for claudication

Phrases with claudication

  • a type of claudication that occurs during exercise and is relieved by rest, often caused by peripheral artery disease


    The patient experienced intermittent claudication while walking.

  • a type of claudication caused by spinal stenosis, which compresses the nerves in the lower back


    The patient's neurogenic claudication was causing them severe pain.

  • a type of claudication caused by mechanical obstruction of the arteries


    The patient's mechanical claudication required surgery to correct.

Origins of claudication

from Latin 'claudicatio', meaning 'limping'


Summary: claudication in Brief

The term 'claudication' [klaw-duh-key-shuhn] refers to two distinct conditions. The first is a medical condition characterized by cramping pain in the leg caused by arterial obstruction, often called 'intermittent claudication.' The second is a form of limping or lameness, particularly in horses. 'Claudication' can also be neurogenic or mechanical, and may be a symptom of other underlying conditions.