mechanical Definition

  • 1operated by a machine or machinery
  • 2relating to machines or machinery
  • 3done as if by a machine; without thought or spontaneity

Using mechanical: Examples

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    The mechanical parts of the clock need to be oiled regularly.

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    She has a degree in mechanical engineering.

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    He gave a mechanical performance, lacking any emotional depth.

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    The car's mechanical problems were too expensive to fix.

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    The factory has a mechanical assembly line for producing cars.

mechanical Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with mechanical

  • energy that is produced by machines or engines


    The mechanical energy generated by the wind turbines is used to power the nearby town.

  • a pencil with a lead that is held in a thin metal or plastic tube, which can be advanced as it wears down


    I prefer using a mechanical pencil because I don't have to sharpen it as often.

  • the ratio of the force produced by a machine to the force applied to it


    Using a lever provides a mechanical advantage, allowing you to lift heavier objects with less force.

Origins of mechanical

from Latin 'mechanicus', from Greek 'mekhanikos', from 'mekhane' meaning 'machine'


Summary: mechanical in Brief

The term 'mechanical' [məˈkanɪkəl] refers to things that are operated by machines or machinery, or relate to them. It can also describe actions that are done without thought or spontaneity. Examples include 'The mechanical parts of the clock need to be oiled regularly,' and 'She has a degree in mechanical engineering.' Phrases like 'mechanical energy' and 'mechanical pencil' extend the concept, while idioms do not apply.

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