manual Definition

  • 1done with the hands
  • 2a book that gives you instructions on how to do something

Using manual: Examples

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    He prefers manual labor over office work.

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    The car has a manual transmission.

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    I need to read the manual before using this machine.

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    The company provides a manual for new employees.

manual Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with manual

  • the ability to use your hands skillfully


    The job requires a high level of manual dexterity.

  • work that involves physical effort and the use of hands


    He worked in construction doing manual labor.

  • a type of transmission in a vehicle that requires the driver to manually shift gears


    He learned to drive on a car with a manual transmission.

Origins of manual

from Latin 'manualis', meaning 'of or belonging to the hand'


Summary: manual in Brief

The term 'manual' [ˈmænjuəl] refers to things done with the hands or a book that provides instructions. It can describe physical labor, like 'manual labor,' or a type of transmission in a car, like 'manual transmission.' 'Manual' extends into phrases like 'manual dexterity,' denoting skillful use of hands.

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