dexterity Definition

  • 1skill and grace in physical movement, especially in the use of hands
  • 2mental skill or quickness

Using dexterity: Examples

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  • Example

    The juggler's dexterity was impressive.

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    He had a remarkable dexterity with his hands.

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    She showed great dexterity in solving the puzzle.

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    The pianist's dexterity on the keys was unmatched.

dexterity Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using dexterity

  • with skill and grace


    The chef prepared the meal with dexterity and precision.

  • an impressive display of skill and agility


    The acrobat's performance was a remarkable feat of dexterity.

  • to be clumsy or awkward with one's hands


    I can't sew at all, I have two left hands.

Phrases with dexterity

  • the ability to use one's fingers and hands skillfully


    Surgeons require a high level of digital dexterity to perform delicate operations.

  • the ability to use one's hands skillfully


    The job requires manual dexterity and attention to detail.

  • verbal dexterity

    the ability to use words effectively and skillfully


    The politician's verbal dexterity helped him win over the crowd.

Origins of dexterity

from Latin 'dexter', meaning 'on the right side'


Summary: dexterity in Brief

The term 'dexterity' [dekˈsterəti] refers to skill and grace in physical movement, particularly with the hands, as well as mental skill or quickness. It is exemplified by phrases like 'digital dexterity,' 'manual dexterity,' and 'verbal dexterity.' Idioms like 'with dexterity' and 'a feat of dexterity' denote impressive displays of skill and agility. 'Dexterity' is often used in formal contexts, such as discussions of skillfulness and nimbleness.