clumsiness Definition

  • 1awkward in movement or action; lacking skill or dexterity
  • 2lacking tact or subtlety; inept or blundering

Using clumsiness: Examples

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  • Example

    His clumsiness caused him to spill the coffee on his shirt.

  • Example

    Her clumsiness was evident in her inability to dance gracefully.

  • Example

    The team's clumsiness on the field cost them the game.

clumsiness Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with clumsiness

  • a person who is clumsy and stupid


    He's such a clumsy oaf that he broke the vase while trying to dust it.

  • a tendency to drop or fumble objects due to lack of dexterity


    Her clumsy fingers made it difficult for her to play the piano.

  • an unsuccessful or awkward effort to do something


    His clumsy attempt at humor fell flat with the audience.


Summary: clumsiness in Brief

Clumsiness [ˈklʌmzi] refers to a lack of skill or dexterity, often resulting in awkward movements or actions. It can also refer to a lack of tact or subtlety. Examples include spilling coffee, inability to dance gracefully, and costing a game due to clumsiness. Phrases like 'clumsy oaf' and 'clumsy fingers' further describe the trait.

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