ineptitude Definition

  • 1lack of skill or ability to do something correctly
  • 2incompetence

Using ineptitude: Examples

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    His ineptitude as a manager led to the company's downfall.

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    The team's ineptitude on the field was evident in their poor performance.

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    Her ineptitude with technology made it difficult for her to complete the task.

ineptitude Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for ineptitude

Phrases with ineptitude

  • the inability of politicians or political leaders to govern effectively


    The country's economic crisis was exacerbated by the government's political ineptitude.

  • gross ineptitude

    a severe lack of skill or ability that results in serious mistakes or failures


    The pilot's gross ineptitude caused the plane to crash.

  • the inability to understand or appreciate the customs, beliefs, or values of a different culture


    His cultural ineptitude made it difficult for him to work with his colleagues from different countries.

Origins of ineptitude

from Latin 'ineptitudo', meaning 'unfitness'


Summary: ineptitude in Brief

The term 'ineptitude' [ɪˈnɛptɪtjuːd] refers to a lack of skill or ability to do something correctly, often resulting in incompetence. It can be used to describe a range of situations, from a manager's ineptitude leading to a company's downfall to an individual's ineptitude with technology making it difficult to complete a task. Synonyms include 'inability' and 'awkwardness,' while antonyms include 'competence' and 'proficiency.'