cleaner Definition

  • 1a person or thing that cleans something, especially a machine or substance used for cleaning
  • 2a person whose job is to clean buildings or rooms, especially in hotels

Using cleaner: Examples

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  • Example

    I need to buy a new vacuum cleaner.

  • Example

    The window cleaner is coming tomorrow.

  • Example

    She works as a cleaner at the hotel.

  • Example

    This cleaner is very effective at removing stains.

  • Example

    He is a professional cleaner and can clean anything.

cleaner Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with cleaner

  • a machine that uses steam to clean carpets, floors, and other surfaces


    I rented a steam cleaner to clean my carpets.

  • a chemical substance used to remove blockages from drains


    I poured some drain cleaner down the sink to clear the blockage.

  • a device that removes impurities from the air, typically used in homes or cars


    I installed an air cleaner in my bedroom to improve air quality.


Summary: cleaner in Brief

A 'cleaner' [ˈkliːnər] is a person or thing that cleans, such as a machine or substance. It can also refer to a person who cleans buildings or rooms, especially in hotels. Examples include 'I need to buy a new vacuum cleaner' and 'She works as a cleaner at the hotel.' Phrases include 'steam cleaner,' 'drain cleaner,' and 'air cleaner.'

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