maid Definition

  • 1a female domestic servant
  • 2a young unmarried woman

Using maid: Examples

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    The maid cleaned the house every day.

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    She worked as a maid in a hotel.

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    She was a maid of honor at her sister's wedding.

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    The maid brought in the tea tray.

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Idioms Using maid

  • be (as) pure as the driven snow (or a new-fallen snow)

    to be completely innocent or virtuous


    She claimed to be as pure as the driven snow, but we knew better.

  • a cat has nine lives

    a person or animal can survive many dangerous situations


    The cat fell off the roof, but it landed on its feet. They say a cat has nine lives.

  • it is wise to save money


    My mother always told me that a penny saved is a penny earned.

Phrases with maid

  • an unmarried woman who is considered past the age of marriage


    She was afraid of becoming an old maid.

  • the chief bridesmaid at a wedding


    Her best friend was her maid of honor.

  • a maid who cleans bedrooms and bathrooms in a hotel


    The chambermaid came to clean the room.

Origins of maid

from Middle English 'maide', from Old English 'mægden', meaning 'virgin, unmarried woman'


Summary: maid in Brief

The term 'maid' [meɪd] refers to a female domestic servant or a young unmarried woman. It is commonly used to describe someone who works in a hotel or private household, such as 'The maid cleaned the house every day.' 'Maid' also extends into phrases like 'old maid,' denoting an unmarried woman past the age of marriage, and idioms like 'a cat has nine lives,' implying survival through danger.

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