chambermaid Definition

a woman who is employed to clean and maintain bedrooms, especially in a hotel.

Using chambermaid: Examples

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    The chambermaid came to clean the room while we were out.

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    The hotel employs several chambermaids to keep the rooms tidy.

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    She worked as a chambermaid for many years before retiring.

chambermaid Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for chambermaid

Phrases with chambermaid

  • the senior chambermaid who supervises the other chambermaids


    The head chambermaid was responsible for ensuring that all the rooms were cleaned to a high standard.

  • chambermaid's cart

    a cart used by chambermaids to transport cleaning supplies and fresh linens


    The chambermaid's cart was parked outside our door when we returned to the hotel.

  • chambermaid's knee

    pain or inflammation in the knee caused by prolonged kneeling, as may occur in the course of cleaning floors or making beds


    The chambermaid's knee made it difficult for her to climb stairs.

Origins of chambermaid

from 'chamber' meaning 'room' + 'maid'


Summary: chambermaid in Brief

'Chambermaid' [ˈtʃeɪmbərmeɪd] refers to a woman employed to clean and maintain bedrooms, especially in a hotel. It is synonymous with 'housekeeper,' 'maid,' 'cleaner,' and 'domestic.' The term is often used in phrases like 'head chambermaid' and 'chambermaid's cart.'

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