clingy Definition

having a strong emotional attachment or dependence, especially in a way that is considered overly needy or demanding.

Using clingy: Examples

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  • Example

    She's always so clingy and won't let me have any alone time.

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    He became very clingy after we started dating.

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    The child was very clingy and wouldn't let go of his mother's hand.

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    The puppy was very clingy and followed its owner everywhere.

clingy Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with clingy

  • clingy clothes

    clothing that fits tightly to the body and does not hang loosely


    She wore a clingy dress to the party.

  • clingy friend

    a friend who is overly attached and demanding of one's time and attention


    I had to distance myself from my clingy friend because she was becoming too much to handle.

  • hair that sticks to the scalp or face due to sweat or humidity


    Her hair became very clingy after her workout.


Summary: clingy in Brief

The term 'clingy' [kling-ee] describes a person or thing that has a strong emotional attachment or dependence, often in an overly needy or demanding way. It can refer to people, exemplified by 'She's always so clingy and won't let me have any alone time,' or things, such as 'clingy clothes.' 'Clingy' has formal synonyms like 'dependent' and 'possessive,' and informal ones like 'needy' and 'sticky.'